Ephemeral Care is an online project focusing on ethics, practice and structures in the field of artist-led and selforganised (AL&SO) artistic activity. The platform presents texts and resources relating to the field to directly benefit grassroots artistic ecosystems, share knowledge, skills and ideas across borders and ultimately influencing institutional practice and policymaking.

Ephemeral Care was initiated in 2018 by Connor Brazier and Joe Rowley of Nottingham based artist-led space HUTT. The project launched with a digital publication at Croydon Arts Store, with an attached listening event, as part of ArtLicks 2018. We were then invited back to CAS to collaborate in a series of workshops with other artist-led spaces in 2019.

The drive to produce a platform like Ephemeral Care comes from the experience of running HUTT. Evaluating and reflecting on how HUTT developed as a space, and specifically the mistakes we made and areas where we really needed support but didn’t know where to look has resulted in a desire to produce a resource to fill that void.

Our Aims

Inform & Discuss -

Ephemeral Care will provide information on target subjects with a commitment to equality and diversity of voice.

Ephemeral Care will provide space to share ideas without borders, exploring how geographically diverse AL&SO projects can learn from one-another.

Support & Develop -

Ephemeral Care will provide support in the shape of real skills on a practical, financial and conceptual levels and resources to aid in communicating those systems.

Ephemeral Care wants to help to develop existing spaces, providing them with tools and resources to grow organisationally and presentationally.

Inspire & Diversify -

Ephemeral Care hopes to inspire an increase in grass roots activity in the cultural sector, specifically encouraging a more diverse future for AL&SO.

Ephemeral Care will also provide strategies for existing AL&SO projects to think through, and more importantly enact change directly relating to equality and diversity at all levels of their organisation.

Ephemeral Care operates with transparet accounts: Our Books


Ephemeral Care focuses on ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led and self-organised projects.