2021 - Reformat

Reformat: To format again or anew, generally erasing a previous format.

Ephemeral Care has been reformatted and relaunched for 2021. It is a platform dedicated to exploring ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led & self-organised activity.

The COVID-19 pandemic combined with a year of political awakening and turbulence has also necessitated the reformatting of life, work and mentality for many globally. Particularly hard hit have been freelance, artist-led and self-organised cultural activities. This field has always been precarious but with restrictions on movement, audience interaction and many traditional formats being redundant with the ocean of ever-shifting restrictions. This time of reformatting does, however, also offer opportunities. The pause can provide time for reflection. The restrictions on audiences physically visiting spaces and attending events have led to wider-reaching utilisation of digital platforms and media. AR and VR practices and solutions are on the rise. Importantly these solutions will be different in various artistic environments globally. This variety is something Ephemeral Care wishes to highlight. We would like to see a broad range of situations, possibilities, solutions and reflections presented with the aim of shared learning.

Ephemeral Care's first Open Call focuses on this liminal, potential and precarious time in the cultural field. This call seeks reflections on how our cultural communities, outputs, ethics, structures, hopes, fears and realities could be and have been reformatted. We are seeking submissions across digitally presented media to be published across Ephemeral Care's online presence.

Application is free of charge. Unfortunately, this is not a paid opportunity. However, Ephemeral Care does aim to back pay all those who are published when finances allow.

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. All submissions should be sent to opencall@ephemeral-care.com


Ephemeral Care is primarily text-based. However, we also accept submissions in the form of image, video, audio and other digitally presentable content.

Applications should meet all of our submission guidelines.

Applications can be submitted in any language but must include an English language translation.

Text: Submissions can be any length up to 2500 words submitted in .doc format.They should also follow the following refferencing guidelines.

Images: JPEG or PNG images are the preferred file formats for raster photographs and images, and should target a resolution of 12.7 x 20.3 cm (5 x 8 inches) at 300 dpi.
Please provide a clear caption indicating image source and any required image/photo credit for each image.

Video: submissions should be made in one or both of the following formats.
Min 720p (1280x720)
(Submitted via WeTransfer)


YouTube / Vimeo link
Min 720p (1280x720)

Audio: Audio submissions should be made in one or both of the following formats.
Min 320kbps
(Submitted via WeTransfer)

Send all submissions to :: opencall@ephemeral-care.com


Ephemeral Care focuses on ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led and self-organised projects.