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On The Move - Mobility funding database. (Global)


Artist-Run Alliance

Artist-Run Alliance Indie Art Guide - Global map of artist led spaces.

Artist-Run Network Europe

TOOLS - Legal

Easy Read Artist Contract - Jack Tan x FACT Liverpool - a useful guide for both producing and understanding artist contracts designed to support folks without jargon and in a dyslexia-friendly template.

Wage/Fee calculator (USA) - compensation and fee calculator for culture workers based on USA tarrifs.

MU Avtalet (English version) - the MU Avtal is an agreement for artist compensation arranged between the Swedish Art Council and a selection of Swedish cultural unions. The agreement sets out guidelines for contracting, payment and compensation for a range of cultural activities. Here we have the English version but a Swedish language version is available here.

TOOLS - Writing

Early career writer's resourse packs + Free online writing courses - published by the National Centre for Writing in the UK this is a great set of resources for develiping writing skills.

Grammarly - a super useful tool for self editing and proofing. The free option provides more than enough support without the need to get the paid subscription and it is so much more reliable than spellchecks and proofs on Pages, Word or Google Docs.

TOOLS - Audio

Apotome - software for transcultural tuning systems.


W3Schools - free educational and troubleshooting platform for learning various coding languages neccessary to build websites and other fun stuff.


Artist - "Artist Relief is an initiative organized by the Academy of American Poets, Artadia, Creative Capital, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, MAP Fund, National YoungArts Foundation, and United States Artists—all small to mid-sized national arts grantmakers—that have come together in this unprecedented moment guided by the understanding that the wellbeing of artists has financial, professional, social, and mental dimensions, and should be fostered with a holistic framework of support."

The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Interdependence (pdf) - published in 2020 the Care Manifesto produced by the Care Collective (Andreas Chatzidakis, Jamie Hakim, Jo Littler, Catherine Rottenberg, and Lynne Segal) uses the preasures of the COVID-19 pandemic as a jumping off point to explore the politics and importance of care. The pdf here is the first chapter but the full manifesto is well worth a read!

Ephemeral Care focuses on ethics, practice and strategies in artist-led and self-organised projects.